Types of porch:

Before building a porch you need to which kind of porch is suitable for you. But to determine that you need to know about the types of porch. So that you can understand the suitability of the porch on the basis of your demand and the pattern of your house. There are four types of the porch –

  • Front porch
  • Back porch
  • Wraparound porch
  • Screened porch

It’s depending on your preference that what kind of porch you are really asking for. Try to have a better understanding of your house can definitely help you in this manner.

Consideration in building a porch:

Like building any other thing in this world, a list of considerations comes in building a porch too. They are –

  1. Function of the porch: The most important questions that come in your mind before building a porch is where it should be located, will it detached or attached and what amenities need to be included. All these things depend on which functions will it perform. It can be used as family room or outdoor space or both.
  2. Height from the ground: You need to think of how high off the ground your porch needs to be. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners don’t think of. But it is definitely a crucial element in case you are thinking of building a porch.
  3. Size of the porch: The size of the porch depends on the future use of the porch. The first thing you need to assume is how many people is actually going to use it and how will they use it.
  4. Screening system: If you are thinking of building a screened porch, then you need to choose the right screening system in this manner. Here too you need to think of the use of porch for choosing the screening system. For example, if you want a screened porch just to enjoy the view, you need to keep it as much visible as possible.

  1. Flooring options: The perfect flooring for your porch is important because it is one of those aspects what will make it more appealing in people’s eyes. It also needs to be strong enough. Mahogany and tigerwood are some better choices in this manner.
  2. Ceiling: Ceiling of your porch is something that you won’t change frequently. So, while you are choosing your ceiling material you need to understand that, its durability as well as its appealing look is depending on what you are imagining up there.
  3. Lighting and electric needs: There is nothing new to say about the importance of lighting. A better lighting system can give your porch a peaceful visual, what you, might have thought of getting a long time ago. So, you need to give enough priority to lighting and electric needs.

The following facts must be considered while you are thinking of building a porch. A beautiful porch is a reflection of your choice. So, while you are building one, be sure it’s having its best look as possible as well it is providing you the inner satisfaction of having the perfect porch.