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Building a Second Income with a Home Candle Business


The economy seems to be hurting a lot of people. You could be an executive or a blue-collar worker. It doesn’t matter; every job is at risk these days. To protect yourself against unemployment, you may want to take a look at starting your own home business to give you the extra boost you may be looking for.

This simple candle guide will give you some great ideas!

One of the first things to do is to find a product that is highly marketable and that is consuming. Find a product that people will buy again and again. Did you know that candles are a 2 plus billion dollar industry and growing? 80% of homes use scented candles on a daily basis. With these facts, starting a home candle business can create huge profits and start you on your way to a successful home business venture.

People will burn candles because it is a “feel good” product and puts them in a good mood. It can relieve stress for some and create a romantic environment for others. What if only 2% of those 2 billion dollar candle burners bought a candle from your business. Do you know how much money you could make? You could create a multi-million dollar business just from a little old candle! Imagine the possibilities!

Where do you find custom home builders charlotte nc and make a profit? Do your research and look for these 5 elements when selecting a company.

1). The candle must have a low unit cost. Why? Because a broad segment of the population must be able to afford the candle. You don’t want something overpriced to start with. No one will buy from you if it is too costly.

2). It must be consumable. Why? You want a product that will get used up and your customer will come back and purchase again and again.

3). It must have an exclusiveness about the product. Why? Because you don’t want your customer to be able to go to Walmart or Kmart to buy it. You want your customer to only come to you for the candle!

4). A good management Team is in place. Why? You need a good team to manage and keep things moving, to move the company and keep up with the times.Proven leaders will make you a winner!

5). There must be a Profit Margin you can be happy with.In order for you and the company to make money there has to be adequate profits to be made.

Just how do you profit from a Home Candle Business? Make sure the company that you team up with has several ways to earn an income. Retailing the product is a fast way to earn cash. Selling to neighbors, family and friends who trust you, having home parties, shows and just showing the products to others and letting them “smell” the candle will almost always result in a sale! There are numerous ways to retail a candle, you just have to find what works best for you. Maybe a few, maybe one or maybe various different ways will keep your business buzzing along.

The potential for earning large amounts of cash by Fund Raising is huge! The organization does most of the work, all you have to do is put together a packet for them to take a look at. Some people get tired of the same old thing and with candles, it creates an affordable product with a large profit margin.

For long term income, make sure your company has sponsoring and team building. By using this concept, you can build a long lasting residual income, just like Actors and Rock Stars do that will lead you up the financial ladder that is unbelievable.

Building your own business with candles is a big decision but I hope that by reading this candle guide has given you great ideas to make a choice that could change your whole life. Do you want to change your life? This could be the way to live your dreams with a Home Candle Business.


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