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Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney


If you or a loved one have been injured, choosing the right attorney for such situation can be difficult. In Newport Beach personal injury attorney can be a true lifeline in a crucial time of need, but making sure you make the right decision in picking a firm that can address your needs and get the job done right is the key. Here you will see a list of several considerations and questions to think about before making such an important decision.  Among these questions some you should ask yourself; others you should save for the potential attorney you are considering.

Referrals: From should you start if you’ve been injured and need the advice of an attorney?  First of all, ask friends or family who live in your area what law firms they consulted if they were pleased or not.  Ask them if they feel as though the attorney was invested in their case and interested in the best possible outcome for them.  Also ask if the lawyer return calls promptly and keep them updated on the progress of their case. After you have compiled a list of potential attorneys based on referrals or research, narrow down your options.

Experience: Now comes the second one. Consider the experience of each attorney. Ask him if he has the lawyer handled a case similar to yours. Also find out how was their record of success. It is also important for you to know how long they have been practicing law in your area. Before paying an attorney to take on your case, make sure they have the experience to back up their words and promises.

Fees: Though payment isn’t enjoyable to talk about, it is important that you understand the fee agreement upfront. Assure that if you will have to pay attorney fees if your case is unsuccessful, or if the attorney is paid on a contingency fee basis. You need to get this agreement in writing and review it closely before signing.


Don’t hire an attorney without meeting them face-to-face.  When it comes to initial consultations, it should always be free. If not, find a law firm who offers consultations at no charge. In the initial meeting, pay attention to the professionalism of the attorney and their legal staff, and whether they genuinely seem interested in your case.

Personality: Personality preference shouldn’t be your primary decision maker when choosing an attorney, but it is a consideration worth keeping in mind. You will be spending some time with this individual and working with a lawyer you can easily get along with is helpful.

Character: Evaluating an attorney’s character is similar to considering their personality. Try to understand if the lawyer is friendly and honest or not. Also see if they can look you in the eye.  These kind of Character traits are also indicators of a lawyer’s negotiation skills and their ability to deal with a variety of people they may have to deal with during your case.

Resources: Make sure if the personal injury attorney have the proper funds and resources to create the best case possible for you. Certain personal injury cases can take a long time to complete, and the success of your case may hinge on following through with a long list of tasks.  Assure that the attorney you hire has enough resources available to handle your case from start to finish.


Last of all; consider the reputation of the attorney from peers and industry authorities.  For example, has the attorney you are considering had any articles published showcasing their accomplishments?  And also find out what organizations and associations are they apart of and if they have certifications.


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