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Differences between the tilt umbrellas for home and commercial areas


Tilt Umbrellas are widely used for the refreshment purpose in the outdoor area. Whether you want protection from the sun or sand or the rain, tilt umbrellas are the best option to protect you. It keeps you fresh, cool and relaxes on the outdoor area. People use tilt umbrellas on their lawn mostly for the decorative purpose. It beautifies the lawn area and gives you a reason to spend some time in the outdoor area. However, the umbrellas used in the commercial spaces or restaurants are far different than the umbrellas used in the home. There are basically three types of umbrellas used in home and commercial spaces. Many people don’t know the details and the differences between these three types of an umbrella.

Tilt umbrellas which are used in the home are called patio umbrella. The umbrella is perfect for placing on the backyard of your home or deck. These umbrellas are completely made for the residential use. The umbrella easily fit on the side of the table and gives you shade from the sun and heat. The pole of the umbrellas which are used for the residential use is not generally that strong. But you can customize your umbrella and have the heavy duty pole for the strong backup of your umbrella. Patio umbrella has the both manual and auto tilt function. The price of the patio umbrella is not high, but the price varies on the quality of the umbrella.

Next type of tilt umbrella is market tilt umbrellas. The price of these types of umbrellas is higher than the umbrellas used for the residential purpose. These type of umbrellas have more functions and facilities. It is used in the restaurants or poolside area mostly. The design and the features of these type of umbrella vary mostly. Depending on your demand and need, you can buy a tilting umbrella suitable for using in the different area. Before buying the umbrella, you should check the support system of it. The base and the pole of this umbrella should be strong enough to support the umbrella. The size can be determined by the requirement of the individual needs.

The next type of tilt umbrellas are the high-end umbrellas which are used in the commercial spaces and on the beach area. To protect the umbrellas from the water and the sand, the umbrellas are built in with heightened exposure. The base of these umbrellas should be supported in the sand area. The umbrellas are made with quality material to last for a long time. It is the most expensive tilt umbrella of all.

So, whether you buy the tilt umbrellas for the residential using purpose or commercial using purpose, look for the best option around you on your budget.


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