Screen porch brings dual functionality to a home. It provides an indoor room, as well as an outdoor entertaining space. It also adds beauty to a home. To build a screen porch, you will first need a design. You should consider some factors about screen porch designs. I will write about those here.

Factors to Consider about Screen Porch Designs

Your screen porch project can fail without proper planning. That is why, remember the following things about screen porch designs.

Building Permits

You will require building permits before starting to build your screen porch. Additionally, make sure that the porch meets all the building codes necessary.


It is one of the most important factors to consider. If you do not have enough space, you and your family may not even use the place properly. Try to get the most from the space you do have. Think about how you could potentially use the space before the construction starts. Then, you can account for the right amount of square feet.


You can utilize a porch for the majority of the year. Consider the hottest days of the year before construction. Note where the sun shines on your home and think about the temperature. If you intend to use your porch during the hottest parts of the day, you need to build it on the shaded side of your home.

You will also want privacy from your neighbors. For this, you should position the screen porch away from neighbors.

You should also think about how you would access the porch from within your home.


You should choose the materials for a screen porch with care for two reasons. Firstly, for architectural compatibility with the home, and secondly for durability. Keep these things in mind before choosing the materials.


Your porch may look dull without proper furnishings or amenities. These days, screen porches include all kinds of amenities. These include flat screen TVs, ceiling fans, wet bars, fireplaces, etc. Think about how you would like to use the space. Then, talk to your contractor about what you would like to have included.


A porch must have access to natural light. But, you should also add lighting accessories for diverse light intensities. Choose such lighting that you an change from gloomy to very bright, depending on your needs. There should be enough electrical outlets or plugging-in your appliances.


Determine your cost, once you have finalized the plan. This is an essential part of the project. Do not forget to add the cost of materials and labor cost in the final costing.


Consider incorporating products and materials that require little to no maintenance. Make sure the porch is built properly to avoid water damage. Venting the trim, pitching the floor slightly, flashing ledgers, and protecting the posts- these are the maintenance you need to do. These will help your screen porch last a long time.

Keep these things about screen porch designs in mind. Then, you can have an attractive porch.