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Kitchen Remodeling with Parr Cabinet Outlets in Portland, Oregon


You Can Do This!

Being the consummate do-it-yourself-ers (we scrounge places like metal recycling), my husband and I were excited to find out about the Portland, Oregon area’s Parr Cabinet Outlets. One is located just west of Portland off Highway 26 in Hillsboro, and the other is near the Portland airport, making them centrally located for Portland and surrounding communities. That didn’t stop us from traveling the 2 ½ hours from central Oregon to make the White kitchens design ideas there for our redecorating and remodeling needs. Parr is wonderful, economical choice for new construction as well.

In Parr Cabinet Outlet’s huge warehouse, you will find 6 cabinet front styles with 5 stain options. They are high quality finishes that would rival any specialty store. I would suggest calling, e-mailing or stopping by first and talk to their helpful staff to see their choices and to take home their printed sheet of cabinet sizes with drawings. Once home, measure and measure again your space and circle the sizes of upper and lower cabinet needs. Another reason to stop by first is that there are a few cabinet pieces that might not be shown on the stock print out page such as a “Tambour” which is a roll-top cabinet front for keeping small gadgets hidden. We visited once and then came again, fully prepared for what we wanted. But should you need help with planning, the staff is right there in their beautifully outfitted office and show-room.

Once you know what you’d like, you can pick one cabinet to take or all of your needs at once. You can load up as we did, with our van packed and some cabinets tied to the car roof. Very seldom will there be a wait on a out-of-stock cabinet. They do have delivery options, so please talk to them about their service area. They also contract out should you need help in installation. A concept that we had failed to see but want to pass on is this: if you order a very large unit, such as a large corner base, make sure that you have a large door, window or french door to be able to bring the cabinet into your home.

Once home, I would suggest checking first by placing your cabinets in the area you will be mounting them rather than grabbing one at a time and installing them. Check with Parr Cabinet Outlet about their return policy. Once we returned home, we found that we could really have used a larger cabinet in one area. We were able to take back the smaller one, since we returned soon and had not attempted to mount it on the wall and therefore had no holes made in the back. We paid the small cost difference and returned home again, with a larger cabinet.

Parr Cabinet Outlet also does special orders on other cabinet styles, trim, hardware, appliances and countertops, including granite. Two more Parr Cabinet Outlets round out the Oregon area and others are located in Washington, California, Arizona and Utah.


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