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New features of gta5


Grand Theft Auto or simply known as GTA is one of the most popular role-playing games in the market. The game has different series. The latest edition is the GTA 5. Rockstar Games is the developer of this game. Over the years GTA series has satisfied the gamers and the critics for their gameplay, graphics and enjoyable mission plans. Rockstar Games have launched their latest GTA 5 for Xbox and play station with the name of grand theft auto 5 next gen. This has already created a buzz among the gamers around the world. People are curious about the features for this new generation gta5. Websites like mygta5moneycheat can provide information about the new features. Here are a few things that’ll influence a gamer to get the new GTA 5:

All the previous content: Grand theft auto 5 new generation will provide all the previous contents of gta5 without any charge. Rockstar Games have ensured that the contents are available for the people. However, they did not confirm that the contents will come in the box of the game or they would be downloadable from the Rockstar website. Most of the contents like cars, new weapons, new sounds, skins etc. are available for the gamers. Also, the newly designed contents will be available on the websites. Also, the gamers will not have to worry about the gaming profile. The new generation will start from the percentage completed by the gamer. The gamer does not need to start from the very beginning.

Improved online gameplay: Most of the gta5 players has faced problems in playing the game online. Rockstar has solved this problem in the new generation of gta5. The players can team up in multiplayer games, share weapons and experiences. In gta5 there were lags while playing the game. But in the newer edition, there is no lag in online gameplay. The multiplayer profile is also transferable from the gta5 profile. There are no glitches or lags in the Xbox and play station. But if a lot of people rush together to play the game online there will be hiccups. Gamers need devices that can run the gta5 new edition. That will give the best experience.

Better graphics: The newer edition is the improved version of gta5. So the graphics are better as expected. Rockstar Games have developed the game so that the characters look almost natural. Now the gamer can see further than before. That gives a better experience of the gameplay. Also, the environment has changed. The scenario looks more realistic in the high speeds. Once it was almost impossible to think that the gamer will be able to see the distance in the game and can see the scenery even in high speeds. With a good graphics processor, the game can deliver about thirty frames per second.

There are some noticeable smaller changes in the game. Most of the people who played gta5 will notice the changes. Overall the gameplay has improved. Even if a person owns gta5, it is worth a try.


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