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For Oil Extraction Business-Types of Pressure Leaf Filters

pressure leaf filter

Oil filters are very much essential for proper purification of oil by removing impurities and toxins from oil. With advanced technology and tools, the oil filtering process has become easier than before. Manufacturers use different kinds of hydraulic machinery for oil filtering. Among all of those, Pressure leaf filter is one of the most useful and conducive methods of oil filtering.

Two kinds of pressure leaf filters are used in factories. Horizontal pressure leaf filters and Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters. The main difference between these two kinds of pressure lifts are the different shape of the vessels; horizontal vessels and vertical vessels respectively.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter:

Pressure Leaf FiltersHorizontal Pressure Leaf filters are mostly used in oil milling companies for its high standardized designs and functions. It is getting more popularity in industries because of it automated facility and environment-friendly feature. The Horizontal tank comes with a removable cover and a spacer for sealing its framing joint and the cover. Filtering equipment separates all kinds of toxins and impure particles and refines liquids. Horizontal filters not only filters the liquid but also separate the filtrate and filtered cake, and the filtration of sludge from the liquids. It is very useful and functions well when the filter cakes are sticky and difficult to remove. There are many benefits of using Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters compared to other ones. It is highly productive cause it filtrates liquids in high rate without much complexity. Some parts of the machine are removable, so it becomes quite easy to clean. In Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter, there are some vertical vessels to accommodate a stack of plates and supports the bottom design. The bottom design of the machine ensures that there is no kind of spillage from the machine and the sticky cake and impurities remain in discharge outlets.

The horizontal Pressure Filters are available in many sizes with the large capacity facility. It also does not need too much space like other huge sized machinery with complex fixtures. It is less difficult to operate. That is why the chances of mistakes and risks also get reduced. Moreover, the economic, operational cost is not high compared to other kinds of filtration machines.

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter:

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters separates the impurities of liquids by a flow of pressure. The vessel of the machine is constructed with vertical leaves to filter the liquids. It is available in many sizes in affordable price. It is highly recommended for the large oil milling businesses where there is the necessity of large filtration and for that large space is available. But it is very easy to operate and available in the most cost-effective prices. The mechanism is quite simple, so the manufacturers don’t need to hire too many skilled employees, and it also takes less time than other machines. You don’t have to go through any difficulties to discharge the impurities and cakes in chambers. It gets discharged easily as gravity release the cakes in a different compartment of the machines.


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